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3 Smart Strategies for a Socially Distant Vacation in Mexico

With social distancing a hot topic around the globe, it is only logical that more travelers are looking for uncrowded vacation experiences. As one of the closest international destinations to the U.S., Mexico is especially well positioned to meet the needs of the “new normal,” with unspoiled scenery and accommodations that make it easy to relax, enjoy nature and get pampered — far from the throngs of sun seekers. Here are three ways to do it. Hacienda Stays Mexico’s historic haciendas once pr

For Some Travel Advisors, Mexico Is the Perfect Base — Even During the Pandemic

Technology has freed many travel advisors from the traditional geographic constraints to work where they please. And for some, Mexico has provided an ideal setting for running their U.S.-based businesses, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Merida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan, has long been the home base of Ben Gritzewsky, senior independent travel advisor, Mexico and Latin America, at Houston-based Frosch. “I began telecommuting about eight years ago and promptly realized that

What it’s Like to Fly from Cancun Airport During the Pandemic

What it’s Like to Fly from Cancun Airport During the Pandemic I recently took my first international trip during the pandemic, on an assignment for TravelAge West Magazine to report on new safety protocols at the luxurious all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort. In addition to experiencing the “new normal” at the hotel, this Mexico trip also gave me a chance to see what it’s like to fly in and out of the Cancun airport. (You can read about my first international flight during the pandemic by cl

AIRLINE REVIEW: My First International Flight During the Pandemic on American Airlines

AIRLINE REVIEW: My First International Flight During the Pandemic on American Airlines I recently took my first international trip since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, to check out the new safety and sanitary procedures in place at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun for TravelAge West Magazine. Traveling during the pandemic is a very different experience, as I’ve noted in my previous post, What I Learned While Flying During the Pandemic, and What You Need to Know. Here’s what it’s like to fly to Mex

Why Travel Advisors Are Visiting Mexico to Experience the New Normal

Travel advisors know that it is easier to sell a destination or a hotel once they have seen it themselves. And the value of an in-person experience is even greater during trying times like these, according to several travel advisors who recently visited Mexico from the U.S. The goal for the five advisors, all of whom visited major Mexican resort destinations within the past couple of months, was simple: to educate themselves about the realities of travel during the pandemic, so that they can be

Travel Expert Jennine Cohen on Argentina, Travel & Life During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the tourism industry like no other phenomenon. Even well-traveled people like Jennine Cohen, a luxury and adventure travel expert, speaker and coach, has witnessed changes — and that includes in one of her favorite destinations, Argentina, where she’s been staying for extended periods for the past 10 years. So when she offered to share some of her insight about this popular South Am

What I Learned While Flying During the Pandemic, and What You Need to Know

Well, I did it. After more than three months of being grounded, I finally decided to take a trip by plane. I’m a travel writer and travel blogger by profession, after all, so I need to understand what’s happening in the industry so I can better serve my readers. I need to be on the road (and in the air) if I’m going to write about it. There’s nothing like first-hand experience, after all — and after my recent trip betwee

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the World of Travel Insurance

If you Google the term “travel insurance” today, “coronavirus” is one of the first words that automatically pops up to complete the search. It’s no surprise that travelers and travel advisors alike are thinking more about insurance during the pandemic. Yet navigating the fine print — and finding the best policy — can be a challenge, especially as the industry rethinks its approach to coverage. Travel professionals, of course, already knew that travel insurance doesn’t cover everything. But clie

5 Popular LGBTQ+ Travel Destinations Poised for Recovery

While some travelers may be postponing their next big vacation until 2021, the LGBTQ+ market segment is showing some signs of a faster recovery, according to a recently released survey by the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA). The study found that 68% of respondents in the U.S. say they would feel comfortable traveling again before the end of the year, and 56% are more likely to book a domestic trip. Of course, the vacation experience will likely be different from pre-pandemic day

The Ultimate Team-Building Guide for Every Meeting

As destinations continue their journeys to easing restrictions put in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19, appropriate health and safety protocols will be an important component of live events. But today’s challenges provide an opportunity to hold more creative – and still impactful – team-building programs. Our complete guide to event team-building offers insight to original activities, many of which can be modified as needed depending on a group’s individual needs. Planners should partne

LGBTQ Pride Cocktail Recipes from Marriott International

LGBTQ pride is normally a gigantic, festive event that draws thousands of revelers from around the world to dozens of major cities in the month of June. Of course, this year, nothing is happening the way it usually does. The streets will be decidedly quieter as pride parades and events have been canceled or postponed in destinations around the globe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Marriott International, for example, is making it easier for travelers to enjoy pride month through a v

Making the Most of Pandemic Challenges: Sam Castañeda Holdren on How to Stay Positive

Everyone is facing added stress during the coronavirus pandemic, whether it’s economic, medical or psychological. People who work in the travel and tourism sectors are especially hard hit, as travelers stay home while we navigate the new realities. A friend of mine, Colombia travel expert Sam Castañeda Holdren, is using this forced downtime to make positive changes in the ways he does business.

What Is the Future of Fam Trips?

Familiarization trips can be an important part of any travel advisor’s strategy to stay current. But how do these guided programs fit into today’s reality, when everyone is just beginning to navigate the so-called “new normal” brought on by the coronavirus pandemic? “Fam trips are more important now than they ever were,” said Natalie Browning, owner of Insider Travel Planners in Danville, West Virginia. “Given the circumstances, the general public is afraid to travel, or they have concerns. Whe

Q&A: Tim Wilson on What It’s Like in LGBTQ Puerto Vallarta Today

If you want to know what things are really like, especially today during the pandemic, ask a local. So when I decided to get the latest on Puerto Vallarta, one of the top Mexico beach destinations, I turned to Tim Wilson, an expat who runs a Website that’s loved by LGBTQ travelers for its insider travel tips and information about everything from the gay beach to nightlife, LGBTQ pride and other entertainment.

We Planned a Mexico Trip From Start to Finish — Here's a Realistic Look at the Travel Experience

No one expects travel to be the same today as it was a few months ago. And since every trip involves so many factors that have been affected by the coronavirus epidemic, it can be daunting to even guess exactly what your next vacation might look like. To aid travelers and travel advisors who are grappling with the new normal, we’ve created a hypothetical trip. We detail every aspect of what’s different today, based on the latest guidelines and requirements from both the public and private secto

Can You Plan Travel to Colombia Yet? Q&A with Local Travel Expert Sam Castañeda Holdren

Is it OK to start thinking about a vacation in Colombia again, or should you wait until the pandemic is completely gone? To answer this question, I turned to a true expert and friend: Sam Castañeda Holdren. A California native, Sam first visited Medellín in 2013 and liked it so much he eventually moved there. I first met him native a couple years ago, when I took several tours through his company OUT in Colombia

Airline Identity and the Teenage Ego

Are you a teenage boy who doesn’t quite fit in? Self-conscious about your stringy red hair, pale skin, girlish walk and lackluster reputation at school? Intimidated by the popular kids, the jocks, the bullies and even the brains? Maybe your ego could use a jet-powered jumpstart infused with airline-inspired glamour. Okay, so maybe that’s not you; maybe it was me. And maybe today, at a time when passengers fret about overcrowded planes and cancelled flights, the airline industry is the last pla

These Mexico Hoteliers Are Helping Local Communities During the Crisis

As some hotels in Mexico prepare to start welcoming international visitors again, many are also continuing philanthropic efforts to support employees and local communities that have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, both guests and the general public can take part in these efforts, adding new opportunities to do good while traveling. Rosewood Hotel Group, for example, recently launched Rosewood Raise, an initiative that aims to help employees and local communities that fa
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